Sumatera Foundation of Research, Education and Publications (KIPPAS) is a non government organizatemu-editor-1.jpgtion which active in research, education and publication. KIPPAS was formed by a group of youth who care about offer force and mind as a contribution in developing of democracy practice which appraise the human rights, especially starting from appreciation and carrying out of the press and expression freedom.

KIPPAS does sharing facility of efforts to facilitate the growing of critical awareness of media organizer, journalist and public in taking care and develops the press freedom especially, and the human rights enforcement generally.

KIPPAS does some activities such as: research, education and advocating in form of: seminar, discussion, workshop, talk shows in radio, law consultancy and publications that supporting the research and education/advocacy activities to realize that mission.

KIPPAS is based in Medan, which a real heterogeneous region from ethnicity side, it implicates the enhance (potency) of the conflicts. Generally, the various regions in North Sumatra are actually susceptible with conflicts. Either stemming from tribe differences, religion or economics differences. KIPPAS’ activities regions also cover Aceh, which region is never silent from conflicts.

To reach the purpose of institution, KIPPAS has 3 sectors of activities namely research, education and publications.

• carry out of mass media news studies which confronting public with politic economic and cultural/communalism control

• carry out of monitoring the tension who received by journalists and mass media organizer in implementing journalism duties, either which manifest things or not;

• carry out the researches for social changing which supporting the expansion of press and expression freedom.

• carry out the improvement of journalists and mass media organizer capacities to take care and develops of the press freedom.

• carry out of public education activities to stand in taking care and develops of the press freedom and human rights enforcement.

• carry out of education activities to move forward democracy in respecting the human rights

• publishes some research works that supporting the press freedom campaign and respecting to the human rights.

• publishes various communication medias to promote pluralism values in developing democracy which respecting the human rights.

• Publishes various result of ideas or job experience to motivate the growing of democracy culture.

Executive Director: Janto
Executive Secretary: Hasby Ansyori
Secretariat: Nora Dasopang
Finance: Lyny
Research: Pemilianna Pardede
Education and Publications: Edward HP Sinaga
General: Sumarlan

Founder Body: R Poerba, Sofyan Tan, Stanley Adi Prasetyo, Veven Sp, Wardhana, Janto, Hasby Ansyori, and Edward Sinaga (ex officio). KIPPAS establishes on 6 May 1999 that is based on Notary Deed No 2 at Notary Public Office Erwin Wahyu Purwantoro, SH, MEDAN, is renewed on 1 March 2000 (statutes change) with Nomor 1 date of 1 Februari 2000 and additional change of founders (act No 2 date of 3 October 2000).

KIPPAS Account
A.N. Yayasan KIPPAS
Account No: 105-00-0408459-0
Bank Mandiri, Jl. Imam Bonjol, Medan
NPWP: 1.906.980.6-111


One thought on “Profil KIPPAS English

  1. Rasa duka yang mendalam kami sampaikan melalui ruang ini atas saudara kami Edward HP Sinaga yang meninggalkan kita untuk selama-lamanya 7 Nopember 2010. Semoga beliau diterima di sisiNya. Semua karya almarhum menjadi tugu hidup di antara kita semua. Semangat, kerja keras, serta idealismenya menginspirasi kita untuk berkarya. Selamat jalan Edu, kita semua mencintaimu.

    Jannerson Girsang

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